Junior Suppliers

Junior Suppliers

***First need!! (Taken care of, thank you!!)

Looking for a person to help carpool a student to school from the Larson Ranch area.  No car seat needed.

The Jr. Suppliers

We are members of the sixth-grade class.  We are learning how to help people in our community.  We are going to find resources that can help people in our community and learn about them.  We are bringing our version to JMCA.  We want to team families with needs with families that can help them.  It is all anonymous.  The only person who will have names is Mrs. Boden.  Once we know of a need, we will do a write up asking for help.  If we find someone who can help, Mrs. Boden will contact you with the information.  All you have to do is go to our school website and click on the Jr. Suppliers.  Tell us how we can help you and we will do our best to make it happen.  And if you can help with a need, please respond on our school website by clicking on the Jr. Suppliers.

For example, maybe you are in need of dress shoes for your constantly growing child.  Click on the site and tell us which gender and size and we will pass the need on with no names attached.  If you can help with that need, click on the link and let us know you can help and we will get information passed on.