Research shows that a school uniform policy has a positive effect on school discipline and student performance.  At JMCA, uniforms are a daily requirement and a condition of continued enrollment.  If a student arrives at school without proper uniform, the violation will be noted on the daily responsibility sheet and a form will be sent home that needs to be signed and returned to the classroom teacher. After four violations your child will call home to in order to receive the correct uniform to wear.  Your child will be sent home for repeated violations of the dress code and may be permanently removed from the JMCA academic program.

James Madison Charter Academy has a uniform dress code.  Students are only allowed to wear approved clothing from approved vendors or through the school uniform sale.

Please remember that we are a uniform school. We are not a standard of dress school. The difference between uniforms and a standard of dress is simple. Standard of dress simply means you can wear any type of clothing as long they are the colors allowed. Here at JMCA we only allow a certain type of clothing, from certain companies. We do not allow students to wear any type of khaki pants; they must be approved from one of our vendors. If you buy from somewhere else, you run the risk of being given a violation.   Students must be in proper uniform each day. We understand that uniforms can be expensive, however, these are the rules set in place here at JMCA.

Some Guidelines for everyday:


  • Hair accessories are OPTIONAL and must match the uniform, only matching plaid or colors of khaki, green, black, brown, white or clear are allowed.
  • Girls may have pierced ears (one hole per ear). There may be no other piercings.
  • Earrings may not be longer than 1″.
  • Socks must be anklets or knee socks. (no show socks are not allowed)
  • Jewelry is allowed as long as it is real jewelry.  (toy rings, bracelets, and necklaces are not allowed)

Specific girl uniform requirements:


Full Dress


  • No piercings
  • Socks must be crew socks. (no show socks are not allowed)
  • No Dickies

Specific boy uniform requirements:


Full Dress

All Students

  • Pants, skorts, shorts must be chino fabric, NOT jean material.
  • Pants have two front slash pockets, both one or two back welt pockets are acceptable.
  • No visible tattoos are allowed – whether permanent or temporary.
  • Sandals, boots, heelies, and backless shoes may NOT be worn at JMCA.
  • Shirts must be fully tucked in.
  • Shoes must have laces or Velcro. Slip on shoes will be accepted for dress shoes only.
  • Shoes laces must be tied.
  • No spray in or gel hair color. Only “natural” hair color is allowed.
  • Only white tee shirts may be worn as undershirts.
  • All uniform components must be CLEAN and SERVICEABLE.  No holes, missing buttons, rips or tears.
  • Students may wear watches if they do not have an alarm to make noise.
  • JMCA Spirit Wear is optional and may be worn on Fridays. Hoodies may only be worn as outer wear.
  • All uniform clothing items not purchased through French Toast or Dennis Uniforms must match those company products as listed.

NOTE: Specific items NOT allowed – “no show” socks, sneaker for Wednesday (dress shoes/Mary Janes must be brown or black, hair accessories that do not match uniform, undershirts must not show beyond shirt sleeves. 

Wednesdays are full dress days. On all other days, students may opt to wear either the full dress uniform or the casual uniform.  At no time may a combination of the two uniforms be worn.