Girls Uniform – Casual Dress

Casual Dress Day

These items must be worn every day, with the exception of Wednesday which is full dress day!   (hunter green shirt, khaki bottoms, white ONLY crew socks, sneakers, black or brown belt)  Full dress uniforms are allowed on other days besides Wednesday, but it must be the full uniform.


Hunter green 2 or 3 button polo shirt without pocket (long or short sleeved) (French Toast #1466, #1467, #1009, #1012)


Short Sleeve Interlock with Picot Collar (Feminine Fit) Item #1467


Long Sleeve Interlock Knit Polo with Picot Collar (Feminine Fit) Item #1466

Short Sleeve Boy Polo

Short Sleeve Pique Polo Item #1012

Long Sleeve Boy Polo

Long Sleeve Pique Polo Item #1009

















There are only 3 approved skorts, two from French Toast (#1302, #1286) and one from Dennis (# 035170965068).

Two Tab Scooter

Two Tab Scooter Item #1302

Kick Pleat Scooter

Kick Pleat Scooter Item #1286

Picture 3840

SKORTS Pleated Skort-Khaki Twill Item # 035170965068 (Dennis)

















There are two styles of pants for girls, two from French Toast (#1345, 1522) and one from Dennis (Item # 040390962049).


PANTS Girls-Irvington Flat Front-Khaki Twill Item # 040390962049










White anklets or crew socks OR white, green, or black knee socks/tights


Sneakers – white or black preferred

Mary Janes – black or brown


Reversible Dress Belt

Reversible Dress Belt Item #2416

Braided Belt

Braided Belt (brown or black) Item #2417