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1st Grade: Mr. Butler

Mr. Butler has been teaching at James Madison Charter Academy since 2003! (Wow, he’s getting pretty old). He taught in the classroom for 13 years, was the physical education teacher for four years, and is returning back to teaching in the classroom this year.

Mr. Butler really loves his job and enjoys being a part of the positive environment at JMCA.  His favorite part is helping students achieve their personal best everyday. 

In addition to being the first grade teacher,  Mr. Butler is also the 504 Coordinator.

Mr. Butler tries to lead by example and really loves to stay active, get outside, camp, hike, bike, and pretty much anything that has a little adventure involved. 

Mr. Butler is also very blessed to have an awesome family that he enjoys spending time with. They are A LOT of fun!  

Contact Information:
email: butlerwoodson@wsd3.org
phone: 719-391-3977